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Star Struck Lovers

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1st October 2012

Dear Sir,

So our eloping lovers have been arrested in Bordeaux and dragged kicking and screaming back to face the music. This couple, he nearing the prime of his life and she at the peak of her reproductive powers have done what fifty billion generations of ancestors have done. They sought a mate with a view to successfully reproducing. If our ancestors had not done so then neither you nor I would be here. There would be no species. Man would not exist. But now our rotten society is going to break her heart and force him to spend the rest of his life confessing to being a rotten perverted sex-crazed criminal on the sex offenders register. If only those fifty billion ancestors had known they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble.

How has our society managed to turn the finest achievement of fifty billion generations into a foul criminal mess? I suggest the answer is that people no longer set the agenda for their own lives. The mores of society are set not by custom or common law but by statues imposed upon us by a bureaucracy driven only by a tiny power elite whose first priority is to stick another million dollars a day into their own pockets.  They have structured society to run their factories, banks, businesses, bureaucracy and captive governments. Their prime aim is the Bottom Line. The laws of their main power source, the Limited Company, demand that the only criterion is the Bottom Line. Indeed, it is illegal, even for them, to choose any other objective.

And so our star struck lovers, who ought to be on the cusp of the best part of their lives - with our blessings - are dragged through society as nasty little criminals. That young lady will not recover from the drubbing given to her, not by her lover, but by society, for ten years, if ever. His life will be destroyed forever. If we continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated by a foul financial system aimed only at its own aggrandisement and demanding human nature be subservient to the mighty dollar then the species is doomed to extinction.

The average age of conception in our society is now around thirty years of age for women. This is ridiculous. Both eggs and male sperm start to degenerate after the age of around eighteen and delaying conception in this manner will only result in an ever-increasing pool of degeneracy in our genes. The species will doom itself out of existence. Perhaps the rest of the, more natural, world will then heave a collective sigh of relief and good riddance.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Walker.

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