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26th May 2012

My daughter caught up with a one-time boyfriend last night. He is a middle class local lad who has made a reasonable career for himself. He had a good car and it was time to update it so he decided to advertise it himself. A very pretty young lady replied and came to look at the car. He was a little puzzled that such a young lady could come up with quite a large amount of cash so easily. But she was very pretty and he was beguiled and believed her plausible lies.

She asked to drive the car so he took her out in it and allowed her to drive it on local waste land. She wanted to buy the car.

The following night she phoned to say that she had got insurance for the car but needed the mileage reading. He agreed to ring her back and went out to his car in his darkened drive and as he opened the door two masked men, completely wrapped up to prevent dna shedding, attacked him with baseball bats and broke his arm in two places. They stole his keys and took off in his car.

The gang, including the young lady, was caught and it turned out they had attacked a man on the other side of the city earlier and had left him beside the road where he had died. The case came to court and as a witness he was escorted to court through tunnels under the court. He was escorted by fifteen armed police because an armed attack to free the suspects was expected.

This is a very, very, very, very, very, sick country.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Walker.

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