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Prosecuting Firemen

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Prosecuting firement for doing ther job

Warwickshire fire fighters

The prosecution for manslaughter of fire fighters simply trying to do their job is a fundamental insult to this nation by its government and administration.

The essence of government, indeed its only moral purpose, is to protect the individual citizens. That is the only function of civilisation that the individual cannot do for himself. To do this the government is elected to represent the will of the people and is properly constrained by a constitution which protects the individuals from the government. The government controls the use of force which is the fundamental evil as it separates a man from his mind – his prime means of survival. The terms on which the government can use force must be strictly defined and controlled.

The government provides police to enforce a criminal law based on moral laws and a court system to enforce the criminal law. The government also provides a minimal  set of civil codes to define the limits of our behaviour towards each other and courts to enforce moral and logical laws.

The government also provides an army whose sole function is to protect us from external enemies. Beyond this the government has no proper function as every function that is performed has to be done by an individual and correctly belongs to that individual – both in it rewards and consequences.

The government is funded by the citizens to whom it provides a valuable service – protection from force under morally acceptable terms. The individuals must earn the wealth to pay for these services by work. That is they take materials from the earth by farming or mining and manufacturing - hunter-gathering is no longer an option for most people. An individual must be able to retain the product of his effort and spend it how he chooses – otherwise he is a slave and without rights – and such a civilisation is an unspeakable abomination.

The wealth of a nation is produced by men of competence and the laws of the nation must reflect this fact or the nation will die. The laws must support the activities of men who do, men who produce, men of decision, action and good will. These are the men who step forward when times are good or bad, the men who lead and guide, the men who teach by example and leave a legacy for all men of the next generation, the men who build civilisation.

The fire fighters who took the decisions on that particular night did so with the best will in their world. They stood forward and took decisions. Maybe they made mistakes – maybe they did not - but in any case they were acting to the best of their ability and they should not be subjected to the laws that are used to punish vile criminals who deliberately set out to knowingly break the law and rob or kill regardless of the damage they might do to their fellow men or their property.

The law has deliberately obfuscated the difference between honest men who get things wrong or find themselves in unmanageable situations and the downright filthy criminals who care not one jot for the law or for others. This is wrong.

The law has been perverted to bring foul charges against three men doing their job and to besmirch the reputation of at least eight others by investigating them with a view to bringing charges against them. I submit to you that it is statistically impossible for so many people to have got it wrong. I submit that the real criminal here is the foul law that cannot be obeyed under any circumstances except by sitting on your arse and doing nothing. I submit that the real purpose of this law is to destroy competence and the competent. And you are enforcing this evil. The destruction of the competent will destroy our ability to earn our living and thus destroy society itself.

I am a Chartered Engineer and ran my own manufacturing company for thirty years with twenty men and three pages of operating procedures. I never had a reportable accident and never sent anyone to hospital. I kept my workplace safe by common sense and good practice. A friend now operates a virtually identical company with eight men and his Health and Safety policy runs to three thousand pages – two thousand nine hundred and ninety seven pages of utter bullshit. He cannot even read it let alone operate it.

The only thing that stood between these honest firemen and the destruction of their lives was the Crown Prosecution Service. The government has beset them with so much stupid and unworkable, indeed unknowable, legislation that it was inevitable that any man who took a decision would eventually find himself branded as a vile criminal.

The philosophy and culture of blame and punishment for competence will inevitably destroy civilisation as able men step backwards and seek safe jobs pushing pens where their only function is to devise even more vile legislation and to cover their own arses.

The prosecutors at Nuremburg after World War II established that operating a criminal law is itself a crime and there is no defence to claim it was simply your job. Everything you do must be lawful. I suggest to you that railroading these men into this position is neither lawful nor moral. I suggest each employee of the CPS is committing a crime by aiding this foul process. I suggest to you that Parliament committed a crime by introducing this evil and criminal legislation.

The Crown Prosecution Service should have the guts to say “enough” and stop this vile procedure now and then recommend the abolition of the Health and Safety Executive and the consignment to the rubbish bin of all its iniquitous and fascist legislation.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.

Edmund Burke

Will you feel safe in your bed tonight knowing that the first concern of every fireman in the land is to protect his own backside? Can you blame him?


3rd March 2010

Colin Walker

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