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Prosecuting miners

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19th October 2011

Dear Mr. Cameron,

Mine Manager

I see the political police have acted again to arrest and bring charges against the manager of the mine in Wales where four men lost their lives recently. The rotten laws under which these charges were brought were opposed at their inception on the basis that they presumed guilt and the accused had to prove himself innocent – a clearly impossible task and a foul travesty of traditional British law.

There is only one way to create wealth. You take materials from the ground and convert them into usable products which are wealth. Money is not wealth but merely a token of it. This arrest is clearly a serious attack on our ability to create wealth and therefore upon the ability of every citizen to sustain his life.

I described the plight of that mine manager to my 13 year old granddaughter Sophie and she turned to her mother, who runs a manufacturing company, and said “You should get a new job”. That is - she should abandon manufacturing. Abandon doing.. Destroy the wealth-creating ability of the nation. Get a job pushing a safe and unproductive pen.

Sophie’s sister Lucy is 16 and struggling with the sixth form and coming to terms with earning her living. I explained to her. “You can get a job in industry and you might earn reasonable money but if you make a mistake you are going to be treated like a criminal and thrown in jail – and there will be a presumption of guilt – not like every nasty criminal in our society who benefits from a presumption of innocence. You will have to prove your innocence – a nearly impossible task. They do not have to prove your guilt.”

“As an alternative you could get a job in a bank. With luck and lots of licking you will eventually be able to play the stock market with other people’s money and make a fortune for yourself. If you make a mistake and destroy the bank you will be knighted and given a huge golden handshake and a multi million pound pension. The taxpayers will have to rescue the bank by taking on a debt which even their grandchildren will never be able to repay”.

Lucy replied “I am going to get pregnant and live on state handouts”.

I cannot find words to chastise her. She is behaving exactly in accordance with the mores and laws of this very sick society.

If two teenagers with little experience of the world can see things so clearly, why cannot our business leaders and politicians? The answer is that they can but choose to ignore them because they are running the system and they are its chief beneficiaries, stuffing their pockets, employing friends and relatives, cleaning their moats and partying on the obscene profits they draw from robbing the mass of the population in a whole variety of ways from quantitive easing – inflation, to insider trading and manipulation of the banking system to line their own pockets. They are all utterly evil.

I ran my own small company for many years and earned some good money as a primary producer. In the last three months my modest pension fund, Invested according to statutory laws, has lost value twice as fast as the best rate at which I ever earned income. The system is broken. The nation is dying. It is broken because we treat the producers of wealth as criminals and the confidence tricksters who rob us as knights. The pensioners and thrifty savers are paying the biggest price. Their savings can never be regained.

Mr. Cameron sound-bytes about regenerating British industry. He will never do it while the law turns industrialists – the producers of wealth - into criminals while the leaders of big business and banking are paid handsomely for their criminal activities.

Would you advise your child to become an industrial producer?

Without the production of wealth this nation will die.

Yours sincerely,

Colin Walker.

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