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An autobiography


Colin Walker


About the Author and this book.

This is the story of a man who knew from a very early age that he had exceptional talents and this is the story of his lifetime struggle to find his way out of the restrictions inevitable in the lives of most of us.

The early part is told in third person narrative as it was written much after the event. The later parts are written in the first person as they are much closer to home and, indeed, the story is not yet finished.

Some people would consider the production of such a book to be vanity publishing but I have always wanted to write and this is it. I have written thousands of pages of technical reports, letters, articles and community documents, many of which have been “published” within their own environment but this is the only document I have ever written for general consumption.

Many people will be able to say “so what ?” as they have had similar life experiences but we usually only hear about the good and the great and one has to wonder what they know about real life. For better or worse, here it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Two of the later chapters describe some pretty nasty events. I have named names and events and am prepared to defend my publication of these if necessary. Everything I have said is backed by third party documentary evidence. Some of my enemies have tried to cast doubt on my sanity but I am content to leave you to decide that.


Copyright July 2004

Colin Walker.



Chapter 1       The Early Years                                 
Chapter 2       The Early Teens                               
Chapter 3       The Developing Teens                      
Chapter 4       Work and College                             
Chapter 5       The Crunch                                       

Chapter 6       The Wedding                                    
Chapter 7       A new life                                          
Chapter 8       Professional Development              
Chapter 9       Martha                                               
Chapter 10     The Homecoming                             

Chapter 11     The Business                                     
Chapter 12     Revenge                                            
Chapter 13     Other Business                                
Chapter 14     Jill                                                      
Chapter 15     Transmissions                                   

Chapter 16     Dissolution                                         
Chapter 17     Community                                       
Chapter 18     The Forum                                        
Chapter 19     Greenspace                                      
Chapter 20     The Road Campaign                        

Chapter 21     Divorce                                              
Chapter 22     Black Swan Terrace                         
Chapter 23     The Building Preservation Trust    
Chapter 24     Fascism is alive and well                
Chapter 25     Waiting to Die                                   




I spent many of my younger years examining religious and philosophical constructs and I was forty years old when I decided I am an atheist. I have respect for the personal beliefs of all people provided their code accepts my equal right to hold and exercise my beliefs.

The majority of religions give great comfort to many people and some do much good work in their communities but I reserve the right to opt out.

My philosophy concerns human freedom. I often give thanks that I was born into a relatively free society. Life in Britain is tied around with traditions, inhibitions, rules, regulations, precedents and control freaks but we are still one of the least authoritarian communities on earth. It is so only because of the battles fought and won by our ancestors – often at great cost.

The United States often claims to be the source and keeper of freedom. It should not go without comment that the US was founded by Englishmen who claimed in their Declaration of Independence that they wished to remain so. They have certainly developed a relatively free society but we have developed ours alongside them. We have gone in slightly different directions in some major details, but the principles that bind us remain profoundly correct. Their best expression is in the Declaration of Independence. It is a fact that the US constitution, and ours, is always under great deviant pressure. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

The thrust of my spare time life work has been to define the principles that make us free. One day I shall write about these. For now I hope the lessons of this story will set the scene.

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